Our policy

Maximum control of the production process through:

  • Internal inspections
  • Inspection of incoming materials;
  • Constant monitoring of the product during processing;

Our quality and production system is subjected to regular periodic checks by third-party organizations, who verify our compliance in order to ensure we maintain the following certifications:


Upon arrival at the factory, all materials used in Zanatta Vetro products are subjected to:

  • Visual inspection: the integrity of the packaging and the materials themselves are checked;
  • Document check: we verify that the declared characteristics of the materials meet the required standards. All data is recorded and stored in our management system.

Production cycle

During the production cycle the quality of the product is constantly monitored through a series of checks whose results are recorded and stored in our management system:

Human visual inspections: these are carried out with the naked eye, in order to detect the presence of point or line defects or surface irregularities.

Machine optical inspection: high technology scanner able to detect glass defects by flagging them and recording them on computers.

Laboratory testing of materials: verification of the fundamental characteristics of the main constituents such as desiccants, primary and secondary sealants, warm edge spacer profiles.


Every single element produced by Zanatta Vetro is codified: at any time it is possible to trace the history of the product itself, when it was produced, the type, characteristics and validity of the materials used.


All Zanatta Vetro personnel undergo special training courses according to the specific professional skills required in the various production stages.